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Featured item is 12' 3" x 13' 8"

Please inquire with our skilled staff for additional size/color availability

Note: Colors within the item may vary depending on which direction the rug is viewed/photographed (lighter or darker side)  


SKU: OUS-14820
  • This signature Megerian Oushak Rug was hand woven in Egypt and is an exquisite reproduction of the antique Oushaks which were originally woven in the 18th and 19th centuries. This distinctive Megerian Rug features a captivating mix of background and border colors, with an elegant all over design. Each unique Megerian masterpiece is hand-woven at Megerian’s weaving facilities in Egypt, utilizes the highest quality wool and contains a unique array of organic and natural colors usually found in the real antique Oushak rugs.

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