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The Megerian Family, originally from Armenia and based in New York, have been involved in the buying, selling, cleaning and repair of fine hand-made rugs and tapestries for over 100 years. Established in 1917, in Manhasset, New York, Megerian Rugs was fundamental in revitalizing traditional Armenian rug weaving and Armenian artistic creativity after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  

Initially, Megerian Rugs’ focus was solely on selling new and antique rugs.  Over time, however, they began to apply their extensive understanding of natural dyes, wool characteristics and traditional Armenian knotting techniques to restore any existing antiques. These included Persian, Aubussons, Savonneries and many more.  As antique oriental rugs continued becoming scarcer, the Megerians expanded the business by taking their expertise directly to the loom. Now they are able to produce delicately modified reproductions of antique originals by successfully blending Old World craftsmanship with today’s design aesthetics.  A highlight of Megerian production is that each design is copyrighted and signed to mark its high-end quality and individuality.

Their production has taken hold in several countries including Egypt, Armenia, Romania, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China. Megerian rugs also operates 22 rug weaving facilities within Armenia with thousands of employees. In addition to its 5th Avenue location in New York City, the company has showrooms in Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany while also boasting the largest cleaning facility in the entire Tristate area.


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